APRA Reports Record-Breaking Revenue For AUS & NZ Artists

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  • APRA AMCOS the Australian music rights organisation has reported a record-breaking increase in revenue for the financial year 2018-19.
  • Reportedly the total amount came to AUD$471.8 Million, which surpasses the previous year by 12.3%.

APRA AMCOS’ revenue has been steadily rising in the last decade with an increase of 113.4% from the year 2009-10 when the amount totalled AUS $221.1 million.

Their net distributable revenue came to a total of AUS $410.9 million.

This amount represents the money payable to its members and affiliations and shows a 13.2% increase on last year when their distributable revenue totalled AUS $362.8 million. 

Their digital revenue was also on an increase, coming in at AUS $175.4 million representing a 30.4% increase on the previous year.

Their digital subcategories showed a large growth as well:

  • Audio Streaming increased by 28.2% to AUS $105 million.
  • (UGC) Website and user-generated content increased by 61.2% to AUS $35.3 million.
  • Subscription video on demand (SVOD) grew by 41.8% to AUS $26.1 million.

APRA AMCOS have stated that since the first full financial year of streaming (2012-13) that revenue has grown by a staggering 4,275% when only AUS $2.4 million was collected.

Other areas such as radio and television broadcast totalled AUS $126.8 million whilst public performances came in at AUS $92.4 million.

APRA AMCOS chief executive Dean Ormston had this to say:

“Australian and New Zealand composers, songwriters and artists are pushing new boundaries and kicking goals in a globally competitive environment and at a time when there is more music content than ever before.’’

“It’s so vitally important to support and connect our members to new opportunities and acknowledge their achievements – both locally and globally.

“Whether it’s a Meet the Locals networking event in Darwin, a SongHubs in London or Nashville, or a place on The 1,000,000,000 List – we’re focused on supporting both our new and emerging, and longer career songwriter and composer members.”