6 Insightful Music Career Tips From Industry Pros

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  • Gain career insight with these 6 career tips from 6 industry professionals.
  • Hone in on how to stay afloat as a musician/producer in 2020.

The music industry is as competitive as ever. So how can you stand out from the sea of competition and make your dream career a reality?

With the wealth of information available online, we’ve compiled a list of 6 career tips from 6 industry pros.

The following career tips are from:
  1. Steve Osborne (KT Tunstall, Placebo)
  2. Mike Patrick (Keys, The Streets, Jake Bugg)
  3. Martin Badder (DJ/Producer)
  4. Sjae (Composer/Producer)
  5. Dani Bennett Spragg (Noel Gallagher, The Amazons)
  6. Charlotte Rochecouste (Studio 301)

6 Insightful Music Career Tips From Industry Pros

Steve Osborne
If I was 18 now I’d go to BIMM or somewhere like that. In the first two weeks I’d learn how to use every piece of equipment in the studio and book it every day. That was kind of my approach back when I was at Trident, just learning everything I could.
Mike Patrick
(This industry) is a real rollercoaster. I’ve noticed along the way that you can be the most amazing musician, but if people can't stand you there's no point. Your character gets you everywhere, be humble and work hard.
Martin Badder
Listening to new music is something I would strongly advise I listen to at least ten hours of completely new music each week.
For women getting into production, tenacity is key. We aren’t getting hired to the same extent as our male counterparts but that doesn’t mean there isn't an avenue for women. Keep your head down, focus, work hard and put in the hours. Don't let anyone tell you that you can’t do this!
Dani Bennett Spragg
I remember when I worked at Assault and Battery. Whenever we had work experience people in the ones that would stay would be the ones that emailed the studio right after their stint was up. Even small studios get barraged by people looking for work, you’ve got to stand out somehow. Send them a personal email, tailor it, pick out things that you like and emphasise that's why you want to work with them.
Emily Lazar
The most common mistakes in mastering can actually be traced back to an issue referred to as the ‘loudness wars’ when source mixes are delivered to each stage at an exceedingly loud volume. Each stage tries to ‘beat’ the stage that comes before it. This adds distortion, reduces audio fidelity and can create an unenjoyable experience.
Charlotte Rochecouste
Patience is key, to be able to listen and interpret what the production team wants. Have a huge array of references - that's also a big thing.
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