10 Drummers You Need To Follow On Instagram

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In order of appearance in the video above:

  1. Brody Simpson: @brodysimpsondrums
  2. Marito Marques: @marito_marques
  3. David Cola: @davidcoladrums
  4. Nick Baglio: @nickybagzz
  5. Sarah Thawer: @sarahtdrumguru
  6. David Frank: @davidfrankdrums
  7. Jeff Randall: @jeffrandallmusic
  8. Estepario Siberiano: @elestepariosiberiano
  9. Mike Mitchell: @blaquedynamite
  10. Greyson Nekrutman: @greyson_nekrutman

Navigating The Social Media Landscape Of Drummers

When it comes to Instagram, there is so much content coming at you it can be hard to navigate. If you, like most drummers, have multiple interests, you’ll find the algorithm provides you with even more content to comb through.

You’re much more likely to see popular drummers come up when you’re scrolling, than someone who has a smaller following, no matter how good they might be. Often these people are more relatable as they don’t have a super expensive studio setup, multiple camera angles and a full set of LED lights. They’re simply sharing some grooves, fills, covers and other innovative drumming ideas.

How To Use Instagram For Inspiration

Have you ever noticed the bookmark icon on the bottom right of every post? That little button can be a total game-changer for anyone who uses Instagram to get inspired. For the longest time, I never fully utilized that feature. I now I have hundreds of posts saved to a variety of collections that I can reference back to at any time.

When you click the bookmark icon, Instagram saves that post to a collection.

You can create as many collections as you want. For example, I have several different categories for drumming inspiration including “Fills To Learn”, “Interesting Grooves”, and “In The Pocket”.

Every time I get behind my kit, I open one of these collections and try to learn something new.

You might find that you gravitate towards certain drummers and you can start building your own list of go-to accounts. Here are 10 of my favourite accounts that I think you should check out!

Stay Connected With The Drumming Community

Instagram can be a great way to keep in touch with the drumming community, especially during the current social distancing limitations and absence of live shows. Whether you are checking out what other drummers are doing or you are sharing your own drum content, it’s a good way to stay connected and motivated.

I would encourage you to create your own categories for collections and use Instagram as a drumming resource. Keep putting in work on the drums and someday you’ll be the person that another drummer is adding to their collections for inspiration.