5 Unrivalled Eurorack Cases (Under $600)

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  • We review a range of Eurorack cases to suit a budget of under $600.
  • Mid-range price point, best bang for buck.

Best Eurorack Cases 2019
Trent Reznor’s staggering collection of modular synths (Source: Reverb)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a resurgence in the popularity of modular synthesis.

With artists like Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Surgeon and Blawan all adding to the popularization of modular synthesis, we’ve seen many a producer also follow suit, plunging themselves down into the rabbit hole of the “Eurocrack”. For many of them, they’re yet to be seen outside of their studios ever since.

Confused about modular synthesis? We don’t entirely blame you. From the outside, it can appear rather daunting as to what they are, and why they are even of interest to modern producers in 2019.

Think of it this way: if you were to gut an entire synthesizer or drum machine, you’d be left with a range of parts (modules). Having control over each of these components is the magic that producers seek with modular synthesis — in a sense becoming the architect (or mad scientist) of their very own, personalized machine.

In this article, we discuss the best Eurorack cases in 2019 that we could find. Here’s our top 5 list.

5 Best Eurorack Cases Under $600

1. Arturia RackBrute Eurorack

Arturia RackBrute 6U Eurorack Case

The Arturia RackBrute Eurorack case takes the guesswork out of building your own modular synthesizer from the ground up — and it's the perfect match for the MiniBrute 2 synthesizer too.

Why We Love It:
  • Sturdy housing
  • High-quality power supply
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  • Form-fitted for connection with MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S
  • (3U version) 83hp worth of space after connecting power supply module
  • (6U version) 176hp worth of space after connecting power supply module
  • 6 possible configurations for a flexible setup
  • Folds down for exemplary protection and portability
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.


Arturia’s Rackbrute series is an erconomic Eurorack case that can be used as a standalone enclosure. With 6 configurations, you’re given access to a very flexible setup that allows you to set your modules to the perfect height and angle.

The build quality is superb and the 6U version contains 20 power sockets, which should be ample for the modern-day producer. If you’re looking to get into modular synthesis for the first time, and want something a little smaller, they also have a 3U version available.

Both the 3U and 6U versions yield a sturdy construction and ergonomic design and features Rackbrute’s integrated power system.

The rack also gets points for portability, as the metal and wood cases collapse down with minimal effort.

We like

  • The rugged and sturdy construction
  • That it has loads of power and space

2. Tiptop Audio Mantis

Tiptop Audio Mantis Eurorack Case: Green

With sleek lines reminiscent of an experimental racer and a sophisticated bracing system for flexible configuration, Tiptop Audio's Mantis is the standalone Eurorack case you've been waiting for.

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  • An impressive 208HP of mounting space divided into 2 gangs of 104HP
  • 36 Slots for Eurorack modules
  • Folding leg and prop deliver 0-, 45-, and 90-degree setup configurations
  • Zeus Z-Rails ensure perfect module mounting without sliding nuts
  • Future-proof Zeus universal power supply delivers ample current
  • Keyed power connectors help protect your modules from reverse power
  • SyncBus distribution lets you lock compatible sequencers to the beat
  • Includes external power supply: +12 V / 3000 mA, -12 V / 1100 mA, 5 V / 300 mA

For more details including dimensions, weight, click here.


One of the best value Eurocase racks in the market, the Tiptop Audio Mantis gives you a whopping 2 x 104HP of power.

It’s fully powered and assembled, so you can get up and running quite quickly. If you’re into a ‘plug and play’ experience, the Tiptop Audio Mantis might be right up your alley.

Not everyone is a huge fan of the moulded plastic build, but it is actually quite robust. And as it stands, the price to HP ratio is again, one of the best you can find in the market right now.

If you’re on the move, you can purchase a lid separately to make it travel-friendly.

The Mantis allows you to set it in 3 different positions: 0, 45 and 90 degrees, and you can further join several Mantis’s together using joiners located at the side of the case.

We like

  • The great value for performance
  • The plug and play experience
  • That it’s travel-friendly

3. Doepfer A-100P6


  • Eurorack chassis with 1 power supply (A-100PSU3) and 2 bus boards
  • 168HP of useable width across 2 tiers, 70mm–100mm depth


In an age where manufacturers are putting out exponentially power-hungry modules, this Eurorack chassis ensures you’ll never be out of juice to feed your units.

The A-100 suitcase is made of black coated wood with aluminium extrusions with the rail construction fixed to the other parts of the suitcase.

The build is extremely solid, and the power supply is as clean as a whistle.

It comes with a cover so is totally portable, and the suitcase-styled chassis ensures peace of mind for all your precious modules within…

One downside of the case is that the power cable connection is on the back, and even with an angled cable, you cannot lie them down on their backs to play that way. This is despite them even having feet located on their backs.

For more information, including price, check it out at the Thomann store (opens in new tab).

4. Doepfer A-100LC9

Doepfer A-100LC9 Eurorack Case

Your Eurorack synthesizer modules deserve a robust chassis with a reliable power supply, and that's exactly what you get with the Doepfer A-100LC9.

Why We Love It:
  • Robust & reliable
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  • Raw-wood Eurorack case with power supply and three bus boards
  • A-100PSU3 power supply: 2000mA +12V, 1200mA -12V, 4000mA +5V
  • Usable depth for A-100 modules: About 80 mm in the area of the power supply (bottom right), otherwise around 100 mm (measured from the inside of the front panel)
  • Weight without module: 4.3 kg
  • PSU3 power supply (+12 V/2000 mA, -12 V/1200 mA,+5 V/4000 mA, 100 – 230 V)
  • 9U with three module rows


Low cost doesn’t always have to mean low quality, and that’s the case here with the Doepfer A-100LC9, one of the most popular Eurorack cases in 2019.

The power supply PSU3 has replaced the older PSU2, and has resulted in a much cleaner, reliable, and powerful solution to powering high consumption modules. It is completely compatible with modules that require +5V power rail without ever needing a power adapter.

The construction, despite the “Low Cost” label, is quality. Sturdy power rails and the casing does not give in easily. However, it would have been nice if they had included some rubber feet to circumvent the unit slipping around.

For the money, it’s hard to beat the LC9. Perfect for starters and veterans alike!

We like

  • The price point to quality and power ratio
  • The sturdiness of the parts

For more information, including price, check it out at the Thomann store (opens in new tab).

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5. Roland System-500 SYR-E84

Roland SYR-E84 Eurorack Case

With the SYR-E84, Roland introduces its first Euro rack case, which integrates a durable, lightweight design and a super-clean power supply with high capacity for today’s power-hungry modules. 

Why We Love It:
  • Stackable design
  • Ruggid
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  • Includes a powerful 2000 mA power supply, specially designed for modular synthesizers and modular effects
  • Protective cover with handle for easy transport
  • The protective cover can be attached by means of a lock at the back and gives the case additional stability
  • Overcurrent protection to protect users and modules against electrical shock
  • Including Power supply, 40 Eurorack screws for modules, 2 x 16-pin Eurorack power supply cable


The SYR-E84 is Roland’s first foray into the Eurorack case world, and they’ve done a stellar job. With a compact form factor and aluminium chassis (wooden sides), the rack is perfect for those seeking lightweight portability and power at a price that won’t break the bank.

Two SYR-E84 cases can be placed on top of each other using the enclosed screws and screwed together to provide enough space for a large setup.

The bevelled construction at the bottom also allows the case to be set in an angled position.

The modules can be mounted on the rails with M3 screws and connected to the power cable in the case.

We like

  • That it’s lightweight and portable
  • Sleek, hypermodern look

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