11 Music Production Podcasts You Need To Subscribe To Today

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Rounding Up The Best Music Production Podcasts

Podcasting has become huge in recent years, and even more so since lockdown restrictions turning musicians, artists, and producers to new avenues.

The best (and worst) thing about podcasts is literally anybody with a computer and microphone can do it. The good news is this means there is a podcast for you no matter what you’re into. In terms of music, there are podcasts covering hip hop, music tech, sound design, and just simply making music.

So whether you’re looking for recording studio, music industry, or production tips, we’re taking you through the 11 best music production podcasts.

Here they are:

  1. The Producer Hive Podcast
  2. The Six Figure Home Studio
  3. Song Exploder
  4. Working Class Audio
  5. Noise Creators
  6. Hanging Out With Audiophiles
  7. Brian Funk’s Music Production Podcast
  8. Gear Club
  9. Why We Bleep
  10. Soundbytes
  11. Audioskills

The Producer Hive Podcast

We’ll start with arguably the best music resource and music production podcast on the internet – the Producer Hive Podcast.

Ok, so we have to say that! But 2020 saw the launch of our very own podcast and it’s one that we’re super proud of and very excited about.

The Producer Hive podcast is hosted by Steven Taddei and will feature content focused on music production to help you get the most out of your recording and mixing.

The first episode is live now and features Martins Popelis who is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Sonarworks. Expect a deep dive into acoustic treatment, common mistakes you can make when constructing your home studio, and factors that can hinder your acoustic treatment.

We’re gearing up for more regular podcast episodes so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

The Six Figure Home Studio

The Six Figure Home Studio is a fantastic music production podcast and a great resource for anyone pursuing music as a hobby but also those looking to break out of their home studio and into the music industry.

Hosted by Brian Hood (456 Recordings) and Chris Graham (bouncebutler.com), The Six Figure Home Studio focuses on topics covering the business side of audio production, something that many of us know nothing about and but is important for any successful freelancer.

Brian and Chris have covered off some great topics including working for free in a recording studio (a hotly debated topic!), naming your business, and even adapting your work to the new normal of Covid-19.

Currently standing at over 700,000 downloads, The Six Figure Home Studio is a podcast you need to check out not only if you’re into music production but if you’re entering the music industry and looking for some tips on keeping your head above water in the unpredictable world of freelancing.

Who Is It For? Anyone pursuing sound or audio professionally who is interested in navigating the industry.

Check out The Fix Figure Home Studio here.

Song Exploder

Song Exploder is one of our favorite music production resources that has turned into its very own Netflix series.

Song Exploder is not just a really informative music production podcast but one that can really be enjoyed by anyone. This means its appeal goes beyond just producers – casual fans of music will be interested as well.

Hosted by Los Angeles-based Hrishikesh Hirway the show breaks down famous tracks and reconstructs them piece by piece, with the artist, to get an idea of their creative decisions from production to songwriting.

The podcast has seen a super impressive list of guests including Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, and Billie Eilish, all coming on to discuss their music and the music production decisions that went into creating some of their biggest tracks.

Currently standing at around 200 episodes you can be sure that whatever your tastes, you’ll be able to find a podcast of an artist or band you love.

Who Is It For? Anybody, whether you’re an audio engineer or just a music fan this show is informative and entertaining.

Head over to Song Exploder’s site to subscribe and browse their list of episodes.

Working Class Audio

Working Class Audio is a music production podcast featuring some of the key players in the music industry.

Discussing all things music is Matt Boudreau who has worked in music since the 80’s on both sides as an artist and as an engineer and producer.

One of the things we love about music production is hearing first hand how our favorite tracks were created, from the songwriting to the gear used to the production. With this in mind, Working Class Audio is one of the best music production podcasts for getting an insight into some of the music we love.

Working Class Audio has welcomed guests from all over the industry including Steve Evetts and Andrew Scheps.

Who Is It For? Music makers, mixers, and songwriters looking for tips from well-known producers and songwriters.

Noise Creators

Noise Creators is a music production podcast hosted by Jesse Cannon which gets into the mindset and strategies of successful music producers to figure out what makes them tick and the techniques they use to create the best music they can.

Previous episodes have taken a look at producers such as Rick Rubin and artists like Swedish House Mafia. We love this podcast as it covers a variety of topics, so while you’ll pick up on some great production ideas you’ll also hear some great tips about utilizing social media effectively and how to make the most of Spotify playlists.

Noise Creators tend to put out short episodes, with most coming in around the 10-minute mark. So if you’re short on time or just want a quick listen on the drive to the shops you can easily squeeze an episode or two in!

Who Is It For? Producers looking for a wide variety of tips from mixing through to promotion (and who may be limited for listening time!).

Hanging Out With Audiophiles

Definitely one for the sound news, audio geeks, and producers to listen to.

Hosted by Jamie Lidell this is a well-known music production podcast and if you aren’t familiar with HOWA then it might be about to become your favorite podcast!

This podcast is aimed at anyone producing music and takes a look at production tips, the creative process, and anyone else who is passionate about audio. In each episode, Jamie gets deep into the mixing process and shares tips and tricks as well as discussing equipment and other cool topics that can help you progress as a music producer.

Not only that but Jamie is regularly joined by influential guests such as Imogen Heap and YouTube producer Andrew Huang.

Episodes tend to be a bit longer than some, clocking in around an hour and a half, but each one is worth listening to for tutorials and audio tricks that will come in handy for any producer.

Who Is It For? As the name suggests, producers who are passionate about digging deep into the world of sound and wanting to improve their own mixes.

  • Check Out Jamie Lidell’s website for more.

Brian Funk’s Music Production Podcast

Brian Funk produces another favorite podcast of ours, and as an Ableton Certified Trainer, you know that the information and content in each episode is going to be reliable.

At the time of writing, there are 192 episodes to choose from with a huge amount of guests. Each ep can also be downloaded or viewed on YouTube. Apart from music production tips, episode topics include reaching your potential as an artist and remaining creative.

This is not only a great podcast to listen to, but Brian has created a fantastic resource for electronic music producers and Ableton Live users, with premium and free sample packs available for download on the website.

You can also pick up some great audio tips on the tutorial page (we particularly enjoyed the ‘What Bob Ross Teaches Us About Music Production’ eBook) – so it’s much more than just a music podcast!

You can also sign up for the Music Production Club which delivers monthly music production tools straight to your inbox. Starting at $6 a month you’ll be able to hone your sound with a variety of live classes, samples, special offers, and more.

Who Is It For? Electronic music producers, Ableton Live users, and anyone looking for resources, videos, and audio tips.

  • Check out the full episode list for the show and further information at Brian’s website.

Gear Club

The Gear Club podcast takes a look at audio production from some of the world’s leading practitioners in the field. If you’re a producer then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the content covered in each episode.

Hosted by double Grammy award-winner Stewart Lerman (who has worked with the likes of Elvis Costello and St. Vincent) and John Agnello (whose credits include Aerosmith and Dinosaur Jr) you know each episode will take a fascinating insight into the recording industry from record labels, production tips, and industry stories.

The podcast has been guested by some of the industry’s top mixers, producers, and artists from Sylvia Massey to Jeff Rosenstock.

Who Is It For? Anyone interested in the science of recording and the stories behind some of their favorite records.

  • Browse the episode list and listen over at the Gear Club website.

Why We Bleep

You may already be familiar with Mylar Melodie’s videos on YouTube so it’s no surprise to see his show make our list of the best music production podcasts.

Why We Bleep is one for not only producers but the synth enthusiasts out there as well. Taking a look at electronic music makers (and more specifically their chosen equipment) WWB is a fascinating insight into the minds of music makers and their gear in the ongoing quest to make better music.

There can be an air of mystery behind electronic music-making but this show aims to dispel the myths and shed light on some of the best producers in the genre. This is definitely worth a listen for anyone into their synths and hardware!

One of the things we love about this series of podcasts is the fact that they are all done in person, in fact, the Why We Bleep website states that Skype and phone conversations are not allowed!

Who Is It For? Synth and electronic music nerds or anyone looking for info on the nitty-gritty of music equipment.

  • Find out more over at the Why We Bleep website.


Soundbytes is one of the more niche podcasts on our list but nonetheless one that is very interesting

Computer game music has grown over recent years to become almost a sub-genre of its own and Soundbytes takes a look at the ever-growing world of gaming audio.

We love the crossover here and can see this becoming a favorite for not only producers but those who are passionate about using audio as a tool to enhance the gaming experience.

Not only that but this is a great resource for anyone who might be wanting to get into the world of computer game audio and sound design. With the gaming world being as fast-paced as it is there is plenty of discussion of new games, consoles, and other industry news.

Who Is It For? Gamers who enjoy audio production or anyone who just enjoys and appreciates immersive sound and gaming soundtracks.

  • For a full episode list head over to Soundbytes website.


The last on our list of podcasts, Audioskills is a fantastic resource for music makers of any ability from beginner through to intermediate.

Focusing on the educational side of production, Audioskills offers up tonnes of useful tips and tricks that can help transform your music from demo to radio-ready quality.

Many of the techniques they cover are simple and quick to use, and you can put them into practice and see how they instantly add further depth to your mixes. One of the great things about Audioskills is it isn’t centered on one particular genre of music, meaning anybody from any musical background (regardless of skill) can get something from listening.

Aside from the expected mixing and mastering topics, the podcast also provides some really useful content covering career advice and getting into the music industry.

Who Is It For? Music makers of any ability, whether you’re recording at home or in a pro studio, who are looking for tips and tricks to quickly enhance their songs.

Final Thoughts

With so many podcasts to check out, you’ll never run out of new and interesting content to listen to. If you can’t find something you love here, then maybe podcasts just aren’t for you!!

So how did we do? Did we miss any of your favorite podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!

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