7 Best FL Studio Courses & Classes (Paid & Free)

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  • Want to learn FL Studio but don’t know where to start?
  • We list 7 of the best FL Studio courses and online classes
  • Learn how to navigate the DAW to create, mixdown, and master tracks
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Image-Line FL Studio has been my DAW of choice since the 5.0 version launched way back in 2005. It has since evolved to FL Studio 20.1, boasting a Mac version, a mobile version, and an ever-growing collection of synths, built-in effects plugins, and virtual instruments.

Being here, it’s safe to assume you plan to use FL, too – an excellent choice.

Every DAW has a learning curve until you reach a stage when you make it work for you, not the other way around. You can learn FL Studio from YouTube tutorials or other free resources, but it’s an unorganized process that’s very frustrating and inefficient – time-wise.

We recommend enrolling in top-rated online courses or classes because you’ll learn from certified instructors who’ve taught thousands of students. You’ll move at your own pace but follow a well-structured program, which cuts the learning curve by a mile.

To that end, we rounded up seven FL Studio courses for beginners and intermediate-level producers. They are ranked based on the depth and quality of the instructions plus the cost-value ratio.

We also picked a course for electronic music, and FL is a popular DAW for the genre.

Best FL Studio Courses, Classes, and Tutorials

The Music Production + Mixing Music in FL Studio Course at Udemy is our top pick to learn the ins and outs of FL Studio. The soup-to-nuts course starts at ground zero, demonstrating how to move through the DAW quickly and efficiently to create professional-sounding music.

Interested in electronic music production? The Make Electronic Music with FL Studio Course at Skillshare is one of the best online courses for the job. It starts at ground zero and walks you through all the processes involved in developing and executing your musical ideas.

Lastly, the FL Studio Mixer Workflow Course at Udemy is one of the best resources to mix like a pro and route audio with complexity. It teaches you how to create a highly-efficient, me-shaped mixing workflow and define what you want to achieve out of a mix.

1. Udemy – Music Production + Mixing Music in FL Studio 

Music Production + Mixing Music in FL Studio

Learning how to use this DAW correctly will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it! In this course, you will develop a deep understanding of FL Studio 20. You will broaden your Music Production knowledge, learning the tools and processes used by professionals and bedroom producers worldwide.

Why We Love It:
  • 24 hours on-demand video
  • 20 downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion
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This Udemy FL Studio course is a comprehensive but compact way to learn how to use the DAW. The instructions are thorough-paced and easy to follow, and the course covers everything from ideation to mixing and mastering.

Imaginably, you’ll need a MAC or PC with FL Studio 20 (Producer or above) software and a few dollars to spare.

Course Highlights:

  • FL Studio 20 course created by Tomas George and Ian Alexander
  • Includes 24 hours of on-demand video, 35 articles, and more
  • Over 14k students have taken this course
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A (short) free trial is available for prospective students


This FL Studio course has been created by two UK-based audio engineers with stellar music production credentials. It’s designed for aspiring music producers with or without knowledge of music theory or previous experience with audio production.

The course comprises 24 hours of video, starting with how to set up your workflow and navigate the DAW. You progress to the essentials of composition – how to record/edit audio, create beats or bass lines, use MIDI and synths, and create a song from scratch.

The music editing classes explain how to use plugins, EQ, Compression, and mix/master tracks. More impressively, it covers the unique features of FL Studio 20, like Edison, FLEX, and the FPC Drum Machine. It also covers the basics of music theory, songwriting, and lyrics.

Overall, this is the best all-around course for beginners who want to get into audio production and learn how to create beats, bass lines, sounds, samples, and songs. However, it does not dive into advanced aspects because it is designed for complete beginners.

Who Should Enroll For This FL Studio course?

  • Music producers who want to learn how to create music using FL Studio
  • Intermediate-level producers who intend to switch to FL Studio from another DAW

2. Udemy – Music Production In FL Studio for Mac & PC

Music Production In FL Studio for Mac & PC

This course covers everything from how to download FL Studio, choosing the right version for your needs, as well as going in-depth about the software. The course ends with a music production stage where you'll learn to re-make two songs from well-known released songs. It'll also cover the arrangement, mixing stage, and mastering stages as well.

Why We Love It:
  • Learn how to create mixdowns
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • 27.5 hours of on-demand video
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This one-day course is perfect for beginners who have never used FL studio. It teaches you how to create a song in FL Studio, starting with basic functions and ending with mastering tracks.

This beginner-friendly FL Studio course is reasonably priced and offers excellent value.

Course Highlights:

  • FL Studio 20 course created by Martin Svensson
  • 5 hours of on-demand video, 8 articles, and downloadable resources
  • 6k+ ratings from over 32k students
  • Certificate of completion
  • A (short) free trial is available for prospective students


Music Production in FL Studio for Mac & PC is essentially a comprehensive FL Studio course by Martin Svensson; a Logic Pro X certified music producer. Martin is among the most popular course creators, offering dozens of music-prod courses at Udemy and Skillshare.

Martin has designed this (crash) course for every skill level. It includes eight articles, downloadable recourses, and 27.5 hours of on-demand video that can be accessed on mobile and TV.

The instructions are easy to follow, and the syllabus covers a wide range of topics.

The course starts from scratch, teaching you how to install the DAW and explaining the basic functions. Ensuing classes include step-by-step instructions on using FL to create, mix down, and master your projects. Martin also talks about workflow tips and the recent 20.1 FL update.

Over 30k students have enrolled for this course, and everyone receives a certificate of completion at the end.

You also get a link to download ten royalty-free sample packs, which adds great value to the course. There’s a short preview but no free trial.

Who Should Enroll For This FL Studio Course?

  • Beginners with no prior knowledge of music theory or production.
  • Intermediate-level producers who want to switch to FL Studio from another DAW

3. Berklee – Producing Music with FL Studio

Producing Music with FL Studio

The goal of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of working with FL Studio to produce electronic music. You will explore drum programming with the step sequencer, MIDI recording and editing with the Piano roll editor, audio recording, mixing, effects processing, automation, mastering, as well as the fundamentals of synthesizer programming.

Why We Love It:
  • Produce a musical piece of your choice
  • Record audio and MIDI into FL Studio
  • Create a video for your musical piece
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If you are committed to the cause, Berklee online has one the best FL Studio courses if you want to make/mix electronic music with the DAW. It’s a comprehensive course from a reputable institution at an immoderate price.

However, it covers everything from setting up to synthesis and sampling, and you can sign up without prior knowledge of music theory or production.

Course Highlights:

  • Level 1 course for beginners
  • 12 lessons, on-demand video, and other resources
  • 3-Credit or Non-Credit Tuition options
  • Certificate of completion


This online FL Studio course is a certificate program created and taught by Rishabh Rajan (aka MONO). Rishabh Rajan is an audio producer and music industry veteran, famous on YouTube for synthesizer tutorials and sound design videos.

You can sample his teaching style in this video:

The 12 classes cover everything from programming to recording and mixing. The course content covers how to add, automate, and process effects and how to mix and master your musical pieces. You’ll also learn how to create synth patches and use remixing techniques.

Overall, the course covers everything you need to create music from scratch. But a Berklee-endorsed high-quality program is worth a king’s ransom.

Moreover, it would be best to have FL 20 Signature Edition, a MIDI controller, an audio interface, and studio monitors or headphones to get started. 

Who Should Enroll For This FL Studio Course?

  • Bedroom producers who want to create electronic music with FL Studio 20.
  • Ideal for beginners with no prior knowledge of music theory or software.

4. Skillshare – Sample Your Own Music in FL Studio 

Sample Your Own Music (FL Studio)

Sampled beats are a catchy form of music. The sad thing is when you use other people's music, that's their copyright which you could be infringing on. A way around this while still achieving that 'sampled sound,' is to sample your own music. In this course, you are shown in-depth to create a powerful sampled beat from your own melody.

Why We Love It:
  • Learn how to sample
  • Learn how to avoid copyright
  • Mix samples in FL's mixer
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FL Studio is one of the best DAWs to create samples from scratch. If that’s your area of interest, this beginner-friendly course by Riley Weller (GratuiTous) explains the mechanics of sampled sounds.

Plus, it’s roughly an hour long and one of the best free FL studio courses to uplevel your skills.

Course Highlights:

  • FL Studio 20 course created by Riley Weller
  • 7 lessons (39m) and downloadable resources
  • Intermediate-level, not for beginners


Essentially, this online course is a video tutorial of Riley walking you through the concept of sampled sounds.

It’s a primer with tips to avoid copyright infringement and the best practices for recording, storing, and using sampled loops in the FL Studio DAW.

Riley covers how to use effects, set up audio sends (for effects), and make other tweaks to sculpt the sounds/loops using the FL Studio mixer.

He briefly touches upon how to export, back up, and create an organized library for the sounds you create.

If you’ve completed a beginner-level FL course, this could be the next step in learning how to work with samples using piano roll, MIDI notes, effects, and sends.

It’s a free and popular course to create samples from scratch, but it does not cover anything else.

Who Should Enroll For This FL Studio Course?

  • Budding music producers who want to sample your own music.
  • A short, free online course to learn the mixer setup and design loops.

5. Udemy – Learn How To Work Fast in FL Studio

Learn How To Work Fast in FL Studio

This course is created for the absolute beginner as well as advanced users who wants to expand their knowledge in the music production process inside of FL Studio. This course will cover everything from scratch and improve your overall music production level as well as getting you motivated to finish your music. 

Why We Love It:
  • Learn to manage FL Studio fast
  • Learn to work with key commands
  • Learn workflow hacks
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Nothing’s more counterproductive than digging menus when the creative juices are flowing. If you suffer from this malaise, consider this online FL Studio course by Martin Svensson at Udemy.

It’s a workflow-centric master class that’s compact, pragmatic, and easy to follow.

Course Highlights:

  • FL Studio 20 course created by Martin Svensson
  • 2 hours of on-demand video + 1 article
  • Complete by 4k+ students
  • Free sample packs included


This online course is all about navigating the music production process within the DAW. It starts with an introduction to FL Studio and how to manage basic functions.

You also learn how and when to use key commands, quick tools, and shortcuts throughout the music production process.

Martin discusses tips and tricks to master FL Studio, mostly workflow hacks while giving you a front-row seat to his production process. He talks you through his composition and decision-making process and shares helpful tips for mixing and mastering.

The course promises a 5x boost to your workflow speed. We can’t verify that claim, but it’s a handy add-on for beginners and a valuable refresher for experienced users.

Moreover, you get access to 10+ royalty-free sample packs when you enroll in the classes.

Who Should Sign Up For This FL Studio Course?

  • Intermediate music producers committed to the FL Studio 20 DAW.
  • Producers who use FL studio lessons to develop a quick and efficient workflow.

6. Udemy – FL Studio Mixer Workflow

FL Studio Mixer Workflow

Become a pro at using the mixer in FL Studio. Learn how to achieve the results you want. In this course, you will start at the basics by comparing a real hardware mixer to FL Studio's digital mixer and eventually work your way up to subgroups and complex routing with sends.

Why We Love It:
  • Learn how to understand and use the mixer
  • Be knowledgeable in audio routing
  • Learn skills for ultimate workflow efficiency
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Frankly, you can create pro-sounding music until you can use the advanced features of the FL Studio mixer.

But it’s complicated software, meaning it’s not easy to use at an advanced level. Luckily, this in-depth course can teach you how to create an efficient mixing workflow.

Course Highlights:

  • FL Studio 20 course created by Riley Weller
  • 2 hours of on-demand video
  • Rated 4.9/5 by 247 students
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Certificate of completion


This is one of the best FL studio courses on Udemy for budding producers who are overwhelmed or intimidated by the mixer.

It breaks down the process into bite-sized chunks and starts by drawing parallels between a hardware mixer and its software equivalent.

You’ll learn to create a personalized mixer workflow with labeling and color-coding – crucial steps to increase efficiency and speed up your mix time.

Classes progress to audio routing, subgroups and complex sends, and series vs. parallel processing, among other things. Riley also briefly covers FL’s quick access tools and shortcuts to speed up the mixing process.

The course is concise, specialized, and reasonably priced, offering excellent value for intermediate-level music producers who want to get the hang of mixing.

Who Should Sign Up For This FL Studio Course?

  • Beginners who want to learn how to mixdown tracks using FL Studio 20.
  • Ideal for mixing faster and learning creative audio routing.

7. Skillshare – Make Electronic Music With FL Studio

Make Electronic Music With FL Studio

Do you want to create better electronic music? Compose finished, polished, foot-tapping songs that feel great and sound professional? In this course, you'll learn to use the most popular music-making software FL Studio from the ground up from beginner to expert level, learn to mix your compositions, and learn the key skills to creating electronic music.

Why We Love It:
  • Learn to install external plugin instruments
  • Find samples online and import them
  • Learn to EQ your music
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This one is a master class by Chester Sky, an experienced producer, and an Image-Line certified FL Studio trainer. The course shows you how to create electronic music from the ground up using the DAW.

There’s 3h 38m of instructional material split across 45 lessons that cover how to make electronic music. It’s not free, but you can check out the free trial before you sign up.

Course Highlights:

  • Beginner-level course created by Chester Sky
  • 4h 38m of on-demand video
  • Complete by 5k+ students on Skillshare
  • Free trial available


The online course starts with useful resources, an overview, and how to create your first song in FL Studio. It familiarizes you with the GUI, interface controls, and sub-menus. As you learn to develop musical ideas, use samples, and create/mix a song, things get interesting.

There are bits on using sidechain compression, Newtone (for pitch correction), vocalizers, and automation. Chester also gets into how to create dubstep growls, Skrillex-style vocals, rising effects, harmonized vocals, and glitch effects, among other things.

The second half covers how to use EQ/compression, tips for mixing and mastering tracks and mastering the mix, and tips for exporting and publishing your music online.

In a nutshell, the FL course covers many techniques you’ll use for EDM and electronica.

Who Should Sign Up For This FL Studio Course?

  • FL Studio classes for beginners who want to make and sell electronic music online.
  • A crash course in electronic music production for hobbyists and bedroom producers.

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