7 Best DJ Tables (For Gigs & Home-Use)

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  • What should you look for in a DJ table?
  • Features such as height, adjustability, and function are all worth considering
  • Check out our list to find the one perfect for you!

If like many of us you’re currently on a mission to become the world’s next superstar DJ, the idea of purchasing your very first DJ table may have already crossed your mind.

However, the same dilemma that arose when buying your controller, laptop, and any other accessories has risen again. Which one should I buy?

In this article, we will cover the best DJ tables in 2022, focusing on various aspects that are important to DJs such as stability and height.

But before we get into the specific products, here are a few things you should know before purchasing any DJ table. 

What Are The Best DJ Tables?

The best DJ tables have a professional appearance, keep equipment secure, and are at the right height to keep the DJ from crouching. Since DJing is an art form with a diverse range of performing contexts, we have picked the top tables for each situation.

In this section, you will find tables ranging from entry-level mixer support to pro event table-booth hybrids alongside their respective pros and cons.

  1. Quik Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand (Best for Touring)
  2. DEEJAYLED TBH Flight Case Universal Fold Out DJ Table (Best for Heavy Equipment)
  3. Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding DJ Table (Best for Multiple Mixers)
  4. DJ Event Facade White/Black Scrim Metal Frame Booth (Best for Underground Raves)
  5. American DJ Mixer Stand / Pro Event DJ Table II (Best for Larger Venues)
  6. Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack/Road ATA Case (Best for Making an Impression)
  7. AxcessAbles ES-01 Portable DJ Table Event Podium (Best for Parties and Birthdays)

1. Quik Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand

Quik-Lok DJ Table and Mixer Stand Equipment

The DJ233 DJ Table and Mixer Stand is compact and lightweight for on-the-go DJs. The stand features a slim folding design and offers a large work space perfect for controllers, laptops, and more.

Why We Love It:
  • Supports up to 200 lbs of DJ equipment
  • Foldable and compact
  • Professional appearance
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03/29/2023 05:01 am GMT

Whether you’re on a lounge tour or play semi-regularly as a side-hustle, Quik Lok is the best portable DJ table on the market.

As well as being foldable and storable in your vehicle’s trunk or backseat, Quik Lok’s adjustable height ensures that you won’t crouch over the DJ controller for extended periods and will be able to control the crowd with better posture.

Moreover, you don’t need to invest in taller laptop stands because this table has enough working surface and height to accommodate your laptop.

While we find this table best for touring DJs, those disk jockeys without cars wouldn’t be too happy with a 24 inch folded table that has a heavy-duty build as this translates to weight.

This is the best portable DJ table if you have heavy equipment but it is not an ideal DJ table for beginners with small setups precisely because of this reason.


  • Top width: 39.37″
  • Top depth: 19.3″
  • Table weight: 27.7 lb.
  • Adjustable height positions: 25.2″ | 29.5″ | 33.8″ | 38.2″
  • Folded: 24.6″ high
  • Weight capacity: 200 lb

2. DEEJAYLED TBH Flight Case Universal Fold Out DJ Table

DEEJAYLED TBH Flight CASE Universal FOLD Out DJ Table

The DEEJAYLED TBH DJ table is ideal for stacking as it can support a heavy mixer, laptop, and secondary controller.

Why We Love It:
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-store
  • Plenty of work surface
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03/28/2023 11:26 pm GMT

DJ controllers come in different sizes,  weighing between 8 lbs and 13 lbs on average. The heavier your equipment, the sturdier your DJ controller needs to be.

The DEEJAYLED TBH DJ table is ideal for stacking as it can support a heavy mixer, laptop, and secondary controller. You do not need to look for laptop stands given that it is a wide table.

However, it is not as specialized as some items on this list. It looks professional but its height adjustment can be a little rigid.

In case your controller is really lightweight, like the Pioneer DDJ-400, then you can stack for height. Otherwise, you should get a table that lets you adjust it more.


  • Top width: 36.4″
  • Top depth: 21.3″
  • Table weight: 22.05 lbs
  • Average height: 30″
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs+

3. Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding DJ Table

Odyssey CTBC2060 Carpeted Folding Dj Table With Adjustable Leg System

The CTBC2060 Height Adjustable DJ Table from Odyssey is a carpeted table that ensures your equipment doesn't slide while keeping unwanted scratches at bay.

Why We Love It:
  • Plenty of space for your equipment
  • Strap handle for easier transportation
  • Holds up to 150 pounds
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03/29/2023 12:22 am GMT

Whether you’re part of a DJ duo or simply like to use two controllers and secondary equipment, a table with extensive length like the Odyssey CTBC2060 table can do the job.

It is also carpeted which keeps the equipment from sliding and gives a professional impression.

The carpeted look isn’t very obvious in nightlife settings, though. You make the most of this Odyssey table if you play daytime events and outdoor venues.

However, if you’re on the taller side, this table might be a little too short for you. Some customers report that extending it can make it unstable.


  • Top width: 60″
  • Top depth: 20″
  • Table weight: 29 lbs
  • Adjustable height positions: 26″ | 38″
  • Weight capacity: 35 lbs+

4. DJ Event Facade Scrim Metal Frame Booth

DJ Event Facade Metal Frame Booth/Flat Table Top

The DJ Event Facade combo is an all-metal, industrial-strength, and heavy-duty design DJ table that is built to last. 

Why We Love It:
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Its appearance can be changed
  • Heavy-duty
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03/29/2023 01:36 am GMT

The DJ Event Facade features a table that latches onto the interior of the portable booth with a minimalist facade, giving you a semi-professional look, creating a “focus on the music” vibe. 

Although it can take a bit longer to set up this DJ table compared to others on this list, the DJ Event Facade can be folded up, making it easy to store and transport, and it weighs only 35 lbs.

This table has the very cool honor of being the best for underground raves due to its stripped back look.


  • Top width: 40″
  • Top depth: 20″
  • Table weight: 35 lbs
  • Average height: 33″
  • Folded: 20″ x 45″ vertical fold
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs

5. American DJ Mixer Stand / Pro Event DJ Table II

ADJ Mixer Stand (PRO Event Table II)

Designed as a professional alternative to folding banquet tables, the ADJ PRO EVENT TABLE II is a compact and collapsible unit with a modern clean look. 

Why We Love It:
  • Super professional and customizable look
  • Durable
  • Folding mechanism makes it really portable
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If you’re reading up on the best DJ tables, then you’re likely starting your journey as a live DJ. That’s why most products covered here are DJ tables for beginners en route to making it big.

But as our team members Danny Muller and Alex Joyce prove, if you stay consistent, you will make it big. 

In case you play bigger venues, the American DJ Mixer Stand is the DJ table for you. It has a durable frame, a professional look, and the ability to handle heavy equipment required to play larger venues. 

That said, the look is too industrial for some DJs and not many customers are fans of how visible wires can be with this desk. If you love this table as much as we do, you’ll have to get it alongside a few wire organizers to offset this drawback.


  • Top width: 51″
  • Table weight: 46 lbs
  • Average height: 34 inches to work surface
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs

6. Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack/Road ATA Case

Sound Town 14U PA DJ Rack/Road ATA Case

The Sound Town STMR-14UWT is a 14U flight case that features a rugged exterior and steel recessed hardware to keep your PA gears snug and safe.

Why We Love It:
  • Screams professionalism
  • Really well designed and built
  • Portable
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03/28/2023 11:01 pm GMT

One of the main reasons for having a DJ controller instead of a foldout ironing board is to give an impression of professionalism.

DJing is sometimes dismissed as just ‘hitting play.’ Curation, seamless cross-mixing, and beatmatching are all discounted by the masses if the DJ does not look professional as they work.

This DJ table can make even the most basic laptop-contingent entry-level DDJ look like an advanced CDJ. With a separate slated support shelf for a laptop and plenty of space to hide wires, this Sound Town 14 U has everything you need to look like a pro.

Featuring reinforced plywood, strong materials, and a professional design, your equipment is undoubtedly in safe hands with this product.

However, you have to keep in mind that you cannot use this setup without some form of stacking as its height is 10 inches lower than the ideal performing height.

But given how happy most customers seem with this purchase, we can infer that this isn’t a turn-off as it actually gives DJs more control over the height of their setup.


  • Top width: 19.9″
  • Top depth: 20″
  • Table weight: 77 lbs
  • Average height: 28″
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs

7. AxcessAbles ES-01 Portable DJ Table Event Podium

AxcessAbles ES-01 Event Podium/DJ Table Facade

When you decide to take your event presentation to the next level- the AxcessAbles ES-01 Portable DJ Event Workstation takes your production to a pro status! 

Why We Love It:
  • Front panels can house your own branding
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Easy to store and transport
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03/29/2023 06:51 am GMT

Performing at birthday parties and wedding events is different from live festival performances, and your table choice should reflect this.

At a festival, the stage itself creates enough of a distance between you and the crowd. For private party DJs, the presence of a stage isn’t guaranteed. 

In that case, a DJ table for beginners might not have the same effect as a DJ podium like AxcessAbles ES-01. This combo table is an event podium and DJ table that helps ensure that there’s sufficient distance between you and the crowd.

It transforms any corner into a DJ booth while giving you a support shelf for your controller, mixer, and laptop.


  • Top width: 39.5″
  • Top depth: 19.5″
  • Table weight: 40 lbs
  • Average height: 37″
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs

What to Look For in a DJ Table

Surface Area

A DJ needs a table that’s at least 30 inches wide and 37 inches tall in order to house pro equipment and be able to perform without crouching over the mixers.

That being said, one can use a DJ controller raised on a desk, podium, or table that can support its weight. However, be mindful that this lowers the performance quality.

Adjustable Height

A DJ table should be 37 to 44 inches high for optimal mixing and crowd control. If the mixers are lower, the crowd control gets undermined.

If they’re too high, beatmatching can be harder. In most cases, you should get one with adjustable height to account for controller size and position.

In some cases, you need additional items to stack, including but not limited to laptop stands, controller cases, and headphone shelves.

These are required if the work surface isn’t wide or the DJ table is too short. Just remember that prioritizing adjustable height shortens your shopping list.

Sturdy / Heavy Duty Build

Not all DJ tables can support the weight of heavy DJ gear, though equipment size is the issue more often than equipment weight.

A DJ table for beginners can support a single DJ controller and a laptop before it runs out of space. And if the controller is heavy, such a table can buckle.

(If you’re still looking for the perfect DJ controller to start with, we’ve got you covered with 7 Best USB DJ Controllers For Beginners.)

The Right Setup

A DJ table is a part of the DJ booth, which is usually cordoned off from the audience. It features a facade or a divider of sorts that hides the performer’s legs and a portion of their torso.

Not all DJs need a DJ booth, but they usually require a DJ table to perform live.

The DJ table is required at almost every event, while the booth is considered mandatory at high-visibility events. In most states, the booth is considered the venue’s responsibility, especially in nightlife destinations, while the table is usually the DJ’s responsibility.

This is because the table is height-contingent while the booth is in part a crowd-management tool as it better positions the performer to control the crowd.

Some of the options covered in this post feature combo tables but for the most part, DJ booths and podiums are not the main subjects of this article.