Samsung Space Monitor: Best Monitor Screen For Music Production?

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  • Samsung just announced its 2019 line of monitors, dubbed the ‘Space Monitor’.
  • Can the Samsung Space Monitor can hold up its claims as being the perfect choice for producers and digital creatives?
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Samsung Space Monitor: Reviewed

Having a massive space to set up a home music studio isn’t a luxury that all of us afford. Fortunately, Samsung’s 2019 array of monitors dubbed the ‘Space Monitor’ might just be the answer to our space-saving woes.

If you’re anything like me, you most probably have about 7-10 different midi tracks loaded with soft synth VSTs, guitar modelers and god knows what else.

With up to 32″ of screen size, the Samsung Space Monitor also delivers not only on its compact size form, but also has enough screen real estate to serve as one of the best external monitor for music production you can get your hands on in 2019.

While Samsung’s marketing of their new release looks super clean and flashy, let’s take a closer look at the specifications so you can make an informed decision on whether this truly is 2019’s best monitor for music producers, or whether it’s just hype.

How Does It Look?

On the surface, the Samsung Space Monitor is quite the eye-catcher. I’m a huge fan of clean, minimal designs and studio setups, and so very quickly I was getting carried away in my mind about how it would perfectly suit the vibe of my own studio, which also carries that stripped back theme.

It’s minimalist design in its purest form. Its sleek looks command attention, yet the ironic twist is that its form factor gives you the impression that it’s become one with the room.

That’s all due to the design of the unique space-saving solution that Samsung has come up with.

Instead of the regular, bulky desktop stands that prop your computer monitor up, the Samsung Space Monitor uses a “fully integrated arm” that clamps onto your desk, so you can essentially frame the monitor on your flat wall like a beautiful canvas. Prefer it closer to you? No problem, just pull it towards you and the arm keeps it suspended at your desired height and angle. Really, really neat actually.

As there are barely any parts, setup is super easy and the adjustment is not only highly ergonomic but also buttery smooth when you pull it towards you or back up against the wall. Not an unoiled squeak to be heard — lovely.

Beautiful aesthetics aside, the Space Monitor would be a great choice for producers who spend long hours sitting down. The ergonomic design allows you to perfectly position the monitor to your eye level and seating angle, and would suit anyone who’s prone to neck strain and back problems, or just generally concerned about protecting their health.

Samsung has a simple but effective cable management solution — the stand allows you to thread cables and wires through it, hiding their ugly entrails from sight so you can achieve that hyper clean, modern studio look.

Other Specs

The Samsung Space Monitor currently comes in two sizes: 27″ and 32″.

The 27-inch model offers QHD resolution for incredibly detailed, pin-sharp images, while the 32-inch model presents content in 4K UHD.

It’s not a gaming monitor by any means, so refresh rates aren’t going to be as fast as some of the other players on the market.


Considering the flashy marketing and the hypermodern design, I was expecting a much heftier price. Click here to view pricing, shipping and other spec details.

Bottom Line
Love the ultra-modern look. While the features are perfect for musicians, any digital creative could make great use out of the Samsung Space Monitor. As I’m not someone who games much, the lower refresh rate or lack of adaptive sync technology does not concern me. Also, as a producer who personally does not have a lot of space in my studio, the features suit my needs well and I will quite likely be looking to add one of these to my studio setup.