7 Best Guitar Wall Mounts (That Money Can Buy)

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  • Looking for the best guitar wall hangers for your instrument?
  • We round up seven remarkable wall mounts for you to check out.
  • Learn how wall mounting can be safer and easier than other options!

In theory, one would place an instrument in a case for proper storage. The prudent few will go the extra mile and give it a wipe down and invest in a humidifier.

In reality, most guitars are precariously resting against a wall or chair – waiting for a toddler or pet to knock it down. That’s why guitar floor stands and wall mount hangers are a thing – easy access and added safety are just an arm’s length away.

One of the best things you can do with a guitar – other than playing it – is to flaunt it. A guitar floor stand is one way to do that but a music room or small apartment has limited floor space.

On the other hand, there is always a guitar hanger ready and willing to de-clutter your room while adding to the vibe.

Considering that you’re here, you’re probably already convinced that it is money well spent. So, if you’ve got the time (and permission) to drill into your walls, we’ve got a roundup of the best guitar wall mounts and hangers to throw at you.

What Are The Best Guitar Wall Hangers?

Producer Hive recommends the Gator Frameworks Guitar Wall Mount if you want a clean, minimal, and high-quality solution to hanging guitars.

For acoustics, the Hercules GSP38WB PLUS is hands down our favorite wall mount. To add to the style quotient of your space, we stand behind the Coyle Woodworks Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Hanger.

Here are our top picks for this article:

  1. Gator Frameworks Guitar Wall Mount Hanger (Our Pick)
  2. Sound Harbor Guitar Wall Hanger (Best Value)
  3. Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Acoustic Guitar Wall Mount (Best for Acoustic)
  4. Coyle Woodworks Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount (Most Stylish)
  5. String Swing Keeper Bundle Guitar Wall Mount (Best Multi-Guitar)
  6. String Swing Horizontal Guitar Hanger (Best Horizontal)
  7. Donner Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mounts 3-Pack (Best Multi-Pack)

1. Gator Frameworks Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall Hanger

The Gator Frameworks Wall-mounted Guitar Hanger accommodates electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, with both straight and angled headstocks.

Why We Love It:
  • Reasonably priced
  • Built to last
  • High quality
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03/20/2023 05:37 pm GMT

It’s no secret. Gator is a household name when it comes to cases and other guitar accessories. They demonstrate the same brilliance in this great guitar hanger.

Reasonably priced, built to last, and available in 5 elegant options – Gator Frameworks sets the benchmark for the best guitar wall hanger among the non-locking options.

The rubberized swivel yoke can hold the neck of an acoustic, bass, and electric guitar comfortably. 7-stringers, classical guitars, and 6-string basses are snug but manageable.

The sturdy backplate conceals the screws, giving it a clean look. However, the product description clearly states that the wall mount is not safe for lacquer finishes (not nitrocellulose safe).

Gator Frameworks Wall Hanger is down with titled, scarfed, angled, and regular headstocks.

It is high-quality, rock-solid, elegant, and stamped with the good name of Gator Frameworks, which is why we have chosen it as the best guitar wall hanger in the current market.

If you are hell-bent on a guitar wall hanger with an auto-lock grip, then you might want to look elsewhere. Although, the angled yokes on this wall mount are equally safe for reliable storage.

2. Sound Harbor Guitar Wall Hanger

Sound Harbor Guitar Wall Hanger

A unique and attractive guitar hook, this guitar wall hanger can be installed on various wall surfaces.

Why We Love It:
  • Cheap without skimping on quality
  • Yoke padding keeps guitar safe
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03/20/2023 04:36 pm GMT

There are droves of budget wall mounts for guitars if you go looking for the cheapest option. Most of these are obscure offshore manufacturers selling the most no-frills version of an instrument holder.

We picked the Sound Harbor Wall Hanger as our best value pick because it’s aggressively priced without skimping on quality.

The wall mount hanger has a handle for bass, acoustic/electric guitar, and other string instruments. The yoke padding is safe for the guitar’s neck, although it may wear out sooner than foam.

The base plate has four screws for improved grip, and the steel frame is sturdy once installed correctly. The guitar hanger ships with wall studs and other hardware for an easy installation job.

Unlike most others, Sound Harbor has bundled the guitar hanger with a clip-on tuner, which we think is more useful than the cheap picks offered by competitors to add value.

Even so, the free chromatic tuner is of the run-of-the-mill variety and nothing to get excited about.

Overall, this guitar wall mount is the cheapest way out for deal hunters: Function over form at a cut-throat price.

3. Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Acoustic Guitar Wall Mount

Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Acoustic Guitar Stand

From your classical acoustic to your soprano uke, the Hercules GSP38WB Plus is the convenient way to mount guitars and stringed instruments in your studio, office, or rec room.

Why We Love It:
  • Perfect for expensive equiptment
  • Very well constructed
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Hercules was among the first manufacturers to offer wall hangers with the Auto Grip System. They offer several options with their proprietary AGS system, of which we picked this model made specially for acoustic guitars.

The PLUS model is an improvement on the older version with better rubber padding and the addition of a free-moving arm. The deep curvature and elevated yokes of the Hercules hanger make sure that the guitar doesn’t fall forward when the auto-release is engaged.

The two locking tabs securely hold the guitar neck in when you place the guitar in the yoke. Similarly, the tabs release the guitar when you lift it out of the housing.

Overall, the mechanism is smoother than other guitar wall hangers with auto-locking.

The GSP38WB PLUS is a no-brainer if you own an expensive instrument (solid top and above). In terms of neck protection and construction, it’s tangibly better than the competition.

There is an uptick in the price, but the ease of having auto-swivel and auto-grip make up for it. It could score a perfect ten if Hercules could add another coat of polish to the solid hardwood base.

(What type of acoustic guitar do you have? Use our handy guide to the different types of acoustic guitars and find out!)

4. Coyle Woodworks Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount

Coyle Woodworks Whiskey Barrel Stave Guitar Wall Mount

Made with a stave from a renowned distillery out of the Kentucky bourbon trail, the full stave measures 35” long and between 2.5”-5”, whilst wide mounting holes are provided 32” apart for conveniently mounting.

Why We Love It:
  • Uniquely constructed
  • Gorgeous finish
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03/20/2023 06:02 am GMT

What do you say when you find out that there’s a wall mount hanger constructed using the stave of a whiskey barrel fresh out of a Kentucky distillery? Cheers!

This Coyle Woodworks wall mount is unique, gorgeous, and wildly different from other guitar hangers. It sports two wall hangers 32-inches apart that are capable of holding any guitar neck regardless of the shape of the headstock.

The wall mount is also suitable for mandolins, bass guitars, ukuleles, and banjos. The product ships with drywall anchors, mounting hardware, and button covers to conceal the mounting holes.

You might think we featured this guitar mount in our round-up because it’s a novelty and yes, it’s an off-beat product that speaks to the heart.

That said, the finish, hardware, and materials are legit enough to use as a studio guitar hanger, s it’s gimmicky but not a gimmick. We rate it as high as any of the other options in terms of functionality. That’s why it’s featured – because it is made in good ‘spirit’. Ha!

5. String Swing Keeper Bundle Guitar Wall Mount

String Swing Keeper Bundle Guitar Wall Mount

This convenient package can display up to 5 guitars. The hangers are fully adjustable in spacing and can pivot up to 180° left or right.

Why We Love It:
  • Ideal for guitar collectors
  • Adjustable
  • Well-priced
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03/20/2023 04:56 am GMT

If you want a multi-guitar wall hanger, String Swing is the only choice you’ve got.

Their Keeper Bundle features an aluminum Slatwall rail with 5 adjustable hangers (more individual hangers are available as an add-on purchase. Both sides of the rail have an endcap to prevent the hangers from sliding off.

The rail and hangers are powder coated and the guitar wall mount can handle a hefty total load once it is firmly installed. The yokes on each hanger are fully padded and swivel to any side to accommodate acoustic and electric guitars.

Furthermore, each hanger can be fully adjusted and moved around to create a customized distance between the guitars.

Imaginably, the assembly has a few extra steps, but clear instructions are provided with the product. The wall mounts have sufficient padding, clearance, and adjustability.

It’s an excellent choice for a studio hanger or for shops and guitar collectors. Considering the price (and lack of options), the String Swing Bundle provides good bang for your buck.

6. String Swing Horizontal Guitar Hanger

String Swing Horizontal Guitar Hanger

Your axe is a playable work of art. And like all fine art, it's best displayed on your wall for all to admire. The CC151LP features adjustable display angles so you can feng shui your display just right.

Why We Love It:
  • Sturdy
  • Unique design
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03/20/2023 06:42 pm GMT

At first glance, a horizontal wall mount seems ludicrous. Does it work? Is it sturdy? It is safe? Yes, yes, and yes!

This String Swing flagship horizontal guitar wall mount is an oddity that works perfectly well, especially if you want to proudly display your best guitar as the centerpiece of a wall.

The American-made horizontal guitar hangers are available in two profiles for electric guitars, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars.

The metal frame is finished with black powder coating and the yokes are done up in protective foam padding. They ship with the required mounting hardware and don’t need any more time to install than their regular counterparts.

Now, I don’t expect a horizontal guitar wall mount to catch on, not at that price. It’s a bit of a hit-or-miss to see something so atypical.

Yet, I wouldn’t shy away from having one of these if it piques your curiosity. They are on par with a regular (vertical) wall mount in terms of functionality and reliability.

Sadly, the String Swing guitar hanger costs nearly twice more than a standard guitar wall mount, but this is to be expected as horizontal stands are more complex.

7. Donner Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mounts 3-Pack

Donner Auto Lock Guitar Wall Mounts 3-Pack

The Donner wall mount guitar hanger is uniquely designed with a deep cradle and auto-locking gate.

Why We Love It:
  • Flexible
  • Easy to construct
  • Value for money
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03/20/2023 03:21 pm GMT

If you want a multi-pack, Donner’s set-of-3 offers the best quality and value in this sub-segment. The auto-lock and auto-release functions are doubly important when you have guitars lined together on the wall.

You can use it for different shaped guitars, basses, and a variety of string instruments. More importantly, they offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money back.

The all-black unit is unobtrusive and padded with seemingly hard-wearing padding material.

It’s made from EVA polymer, which has a rubber-like feel to it. Donner provides the wall anchors, mounting screws, and instructions for a quick and easy DIY installation.

The durable construction and max load capacity of 22 lbs (10kg) ensure that the guitar wall hanger can handle the heaviest guitars and stringed instruments.

If you need to wall mount guitar(s), Donner’s pack has all the safety checks to secure it without leading to scratches or scruffs on the neck. At this price, it’s a bloomin’ good deal!

Wall Mounts For Guitar – A Buyer’s Guide

Guitar wall mounts are not rocket science but if you’ve never used or bought one, here are valuable tips on what to look for in order to get your money’s worth.

High-Quality Padding

Rubber or foam padding is the only thing between the yoke and the fragile finish on the back of your neck. High-quality foam safeguards your instrument from scuffs and scratches.

Extra caution is advised while purchasing a guitar mount for a vintage guitar or lacquer-finish instruments. Look for the ‘nitrocellulose safe’ label to prevent damage to the guitar necks that could grossly devalue your favorite guitar.

Pro-tip: You can make DIY felt sleeves or 100% cotton cloth strips for any wall mount to make it nitro-safe!

Open Grip vs. Auto Locking Mechanism

Guitar hangers with locking mechanisms are always a good idea, especially if you own a high-end instrument. However, the grip of curved, angled, and elevated yokes are equally capable of keeping the guitar firmly in place.

The Gator Wall Mount we’ve featured is evidence that an ergonomic design can provide as much safety as an auto-locking system.

However, if you are possessive about your instrument, Hercules still has a wall hanger for every guitar type.


The wall mount keeps the guitar parallel to the wall, ensuring that there is no damage or contact to the back of the body or lower bout unless you knock against it.

Check the dimensions to see if the wall hanger provides sufficient clearance from the wall. Generally, the yokes are designed to handle an acoustic, electric, or bass guitar.

Double-check if the guitar holder has a swivel yoke for oddly shaped guitars with an angled headstock (think Fender Telecaster).


Generally, all guitar wall hangers ship with screws, caps, drywall anchors, and other requisite hardware. You need a drill (and drill bit) and the know-how to install one, which is a fairly straightforward process.

It’s imperative to install the base plate firmly to avoid any “accidents.”  We recommend measuring and marking the wall with a pencil. Tilted guitars can trigger dormant OCD in all of us.

Plus, you end up with a hole in the wall every time you mess up. If you aren’t good with the handyman stuff, ask a friend or call a professional.

Parting Thoughts

We all have been wary of guitar wall hangers for the longest time, with nightmares featuring a pre-War Martin guitar falling off it and the neck-snapping (in slow motion). The truth is far less dramatic. A guitar wall mount is as reliable as any other stand if you are not callous or reckless.

They allow you to spend more time playing guitar and less time packing and unpacking it. Plus, you get to show off your collection at eye-level, which is much more impressive than a floor stand.

Whether you need a studio guitar hanger or a rail for multiple guitars, we have provided a host of resources to suit your needs and budget.

(If you’re after a new acoustic guitar and have a bit of cash to spare, next up is 7 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 (That Sound Incredible))