7 Best Guitar Stools (That’ll Save Your Back)

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  • Better posture, improved comfort, and optimized practice
  • We take a look at the 7 best guitar stools on the market
  • A comprehensive buying guide on how to choose the perfect stool for you
  • While you’re here, also consider checking out these awesome guitar slides

Correct sitting posture is something musicians should be mindful of from the get-go.

Posture problems develop because most chairs, couches, or make-shift homey seats are not designed with guitarists in mind. Which manifests in aches, pains, and poor playing technique.

Luckily, a wide range of musical gear can contribute to a painless playing or learning journey. The guitar stool is one of them, and getting the best one is a wise investment.

Sure, it’s not half as glamorous as shopping for wild guitar pedals. But it is important, and worth investing in if you want to save your back in the long run.

So, if we’ve got you excited, stay seated. We created a nifty buyer’s guide and rounded up the top guitar chairs and stools for 2022.

What are the Best Guitar Stools in 2022?

The Fender 351 Guitar Seat is our top pick among the guitar stools. It’s compact, collapsible, and comfortable. Plus, the pick-shaped backrest and gray tweed cover earn it extra brownie points for good taste.

The Ibanez IMC50FS Guitarist Throne is the best value guitar stool here, with a no-nonsense design at a no-nonsense price.

Lastly, the Gator Frameworks Guitar Stool strikes a great balance between features, construction, and price. It can fit into any musical framework, making it the best multi-use guitar stool.

Aside from these, you can confidently pick any of the guitar-playing stools in our roundup that suit your needs and budget.

Here are our top picks for the best guitar stools:

  1. Fender 351 Guitar Seat (Our Pick)
  2. Ibanez IMC50FS Guitar Stool (Best Value)
  3. DW Air-Lift Throne (Best Multi-Use)
  4. Taylor Guitars Barstool 24-inches
  5. D’Addario Wooden Guitar Stool – 24-inches
  6. Gator Frameworks Guitar Stool – 27-inches
  7. Gibson Playing Guitar Bar Stool – 24-inches

1. Fender 351 Guitar Stool with Backrest (Our Pick)

Fender 351 Guitar Stool

Ideal for any guitarist or bassist, this combination seat and guitar stand makes it easy to have a productive practice session or survive a long performance. 

Why We Love It:
  • Collapsible-seat design
  • Impeccable design
  • Easy to store
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Fender is an old hand for anything with “guitar” in the description. When it comes to stools, they have knocked it out of the park with the Fender 351 Guitar Seat.

Think impeccable design, studio-worthy styling, easy to store/transport, and is guaranteed to make your next Instagram reel extra swanky.

Key Features:

  • Collapsible design w/ removable backrest
  • 24-inch seat top, 44” height
  • 351-pick shaped backrest
  • Tweed fabric w/ faux leather
  • Built-in guitar stand & footrest


The Fender guitar stool’s claim to fame is a) a compact, collapsible design, b) high-quality materials, c) a unique pick-shaped backrest, and d) excellent performance and functionality.

It ships with all the hardware needed for assembly, which is easy as pie.

The 351 is a combination stool and guitar stand in tune with the needs of guitarists. 24-inches in height, it sports a pick-shaped backrest and the Fender “F” sitting proudly on a gray tweed backdrop.

The seat also features a guitar cradle (read: stand) and an integrated crossbar footrest.

The streamlined seat top is compact but generously cushioned. The flip-up/down guitar stand is a convenient feature that accommodates any regular-sized electric, acoustic, or bass guitar.

The backrest promises great lumbar support and the legs are capped with non-slip rubber feet.

Lastly, the Fender 351 seat collapses flat, making it easy to store and transport. It’s lightweight enough to lug around to gigs or house concerts.

Long story short, Fender flexes their product innovation skills with this one, making it our top pick for 2022.

2. Ibanez IMC50FS Guitar Stool with Stand (Best Value)

Ibanez IMC50FS Folding Stool

Practical and travel-friendly, the Ibanez IMC50FS Guitar Stool is an all-black fold-out stool with affordability at its core. 

Why We Love It:
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
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03/28/2023 11:51 pm GMT

We recommend the Ibanez guitar stool/throne for musicians who want something practical and travel-friendly on a tight budget.

An all-black fold-out stool with the Ibanez logo on the seat, it’s portable, affordable, and (unexpectedly) sturdier than it looks.

Key Features:

  • Sleek, collapsible design
  • 25.5” height
  • Fold-out guitar stand & footrest
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Competitive pricing


Roughly 25.5-inches (650mm) in height, the Ibanez stool is a robust guitar throne. The frame is lean but solid, with anti-slip caps on the legs that grip the floor well. The stool also features a fold-out guitar stand and fixed footrest.

The utilitarian-looking seat has enough padding to avert ‘numb bum’ after prolonged use. While the guitar stand has acceptable padding and feels secure enough, at least for temporary use.

It can accommodate acoustic, electric, or bass guitars. But you cannot use the stand while sitting on the stool.

The integrated footrest sits at an appropriate height. YMMV, based on how tall you are. Most reviews suggest the stool is suitable for guitar players who are five and a half feet and above.

If you are shorter than that, a 24-inch guitar stool may be more stature-appropriate.

Overall, the Ibanez stool is steady, comfortable, and reliable – ideal for productive practice sessions or solo gigs at cafes or lounges.

It’s our top pick for budget stools under $50. It does exactly as advertised without compromising on quality.

3. Gator Frameworks Guitar Stool with Backrest (Best Multi-Use)

Gator Frameworks Guitar Stool

The Gator Frameworks GFW-GTR-SEAT Combination guitar seat and single guitar stand provides a place to sit comfortably for you and your guitar. 

Why We Love It:
  • Durable, padded seat cushion
  • Collapsible design
  • Built-in guitar stand
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Whether for a budding amateur, a music venue, or a recording studio, this stool strikes a superior balance of features, functionality, and price.

All that is backed up by the QA of Gator Frameworks – a brand that is highly respected in the guitar community.

Key Features:

  • Collapsible stool w/ padded seat
  • 27” height
  • Removable backrest
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • 300 lbs weight capacity


The stool boasts a tubular alloy steel frame with a black vinyl-covered seat and backrest which can support up to 300lbs of weight.

It also features a built-in guitar stand for acoustic or electric guitars. The seat top is well padded but does not swivel. And while it does require some assembly, it ships with all the necessary hardware.

Once assembled, you have a 27” stool that’s stable, ergonomic, and looks great both in the home and studio.

The backrest is removable and adjustable, so you can find a sweet spot that hits the back, or convert it to a regular stool when needed.

It collapses flat if you remove the back support pin, making it easy to store at home, or just chuck it in the boot of your car and take it with you.

It’s also pretty compact, with a 10.5” depth and 14” width. The 27” height may pose a challenge if you are under 6-feet tall and want to use foot pedals.

The stool has a separate bar you can rest your foot on and a stand to keep your guitar safe during breaks. It’s well-padded and fits most electric or acoustic guitars.

But do note that the stand is not adjustable or suitable for any guitar/bass with an offset body shape.

Overall, the Gator Frameworks stool looks stylish, feels comfortable, and has thousands of glowing customer reviews.

If the height and dimensions suit your stature, you can’t fault this one for the price. Gator also offers an alternative with a 3-point height adjustment.

4. Gibson Playing Guitar Bar Stool – 24-inches

Gibson Premium Playing Stool

Heavy, stable, and perfect for any playing setting, the Gibson Premium Playing Stool stands ahead of the rest.

Why We Love It:
  • Stable
  • Great for practice/studio use
  • Durable build quality
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Gretsch, Fender, and many other guitar makers offer bar stool-style seats. Brand loyalty notwithstanding, the Gibson version appears to stand out among them.

It’s heavy, stable, and can blend into the decor of any music club, studio, man cave, or garage.

Key Features:

  • 24” bar stool for guitar players
  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • Foot ring to rest the foot
  • Chromed metal base with anti-slip caps


The Gibson barstool features tubular steel legs with anti-slip caps, a foot ring, and a large padded vinyl seat.

The black seat top is adorned with the Gibson logo screen printed on it. The seat swivels 360° on ball bearings, making it a great choice for guitar practice or studio use. Just watch you don’t hit your headstock on something as you’re spinning around on it.

The assembly needs a little elbow grease, but once set up, it’ll be a sturdy and stable seat. The cushioning can be hit or miss if you plan to use it for hours at a time. Several reviewers recommend a seat pad or even getting it re-cushioned.

The barstool is a touch over 24″ high. The max weight capacity isn’t mentioned but based on customer reviews, it can handle 200 to 250lbs with ease. Additionally, the footrest height (8.75”) seems ideal to prop up your guitar without it sliding off.

You may find clones at half the price, but the build quality and materials of this one are far superior. Think heavy-duty frame, durable build quality, and great finish.

It’s basically a no-brainer if you own, or aspire to own, an Epiphone or Gibson guitar.

5. D’Addario Wooden Guitar Stool

D'Addario Wooden Stool

The D'Addario wooden stool is the perfect accent to your jam space and provides the guitar player with a comfortable playing position.

Why We Love It:
  • Gorgeous wood-grain
  • Eco-friendly stool
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03/28/2023 08:12 pm GMT

Wooden stools are a tall glass of water. Their chic, Boho appeal is for those willing to trade adjustability or portability for gorgeous wood-grain and that added earthy charm.

If that’s your jam, this wooden barstool is destined to add some rustic dazzle to your rehearsal space.

Key Features:

  • Solid-wood stool for guitar players
  • Off-set rungs for footrest
  • 24” height
  • No assembly required
  • Made in the USA


The USA-made, solid wood stool features four legs with offset rungs and a thick wooden seat top adorned with the D’Addario logo. It ships pre-assembled and finished with a coat of honey-brown gloss that really brings out the beauty of the wood grain.

The eco-friendly stool is 24-inches in height and can support 250lbs of weight, ideal for any average-sized adult.

Yet, this isn’t your typical barstool. D’Addario has altered the design with some subtle tweaks to make it more suitable for guitar players.

In use, it balances well but a wooden seat may not feel comfortable for prolonged periods of use.

The offset rung placement offers options for placing the feet as well. Lastly, the stool seems just right to access a pedalboard if you aren’t freakishly tall.

If you are looking for a wooden guitar stool, D’Addario offers a dazzling addition to your studio or rehearsal space.

Keep in mind that the lack of foam cushioning may pose some discomfort, but you can remedy that with an after-market seat pad or barstool cushion.

6. DW Air-Lift Throne

DW Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne Tractor

The DW Drums Heavy-Duty Air Lift Throne has a sturdier quad-leg folding base and effortless pneumatic height adjustment that allows incremental positioning.

Why We Love It:
  • Cradles your spine and legs
  • Generous foam padding
  • Built for comfort
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We’ll preface this section with a concise disclaimer. The DW Air-Lift, coopted from drummers, is a pro-grade throne at a premium price.

Beginners and enthusiasts may need a cost-value analysis to contend with this higher price tag. But rest assured, this beast is built for comfort and is capable of lasting an entire career.

Key Features:

  • A durable workhorse for home/studio use
  • Double foam swivel seat
  • Foldable quad-leg base
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment (20” to 28”)
  • Backrest sold separately


The DW Air-Lift throne features a quad-leg base with a black double-foam seat. The “Air-Lift” alludes to its ability to incrementally position the height using a hydraulic adjustment system (read: pneumatic).

That means you can adjust the height between 20” to 28” on the fly.

From build quality to features and comfort, the Air-Lift is a notch above the competition. It’s the archetypal throne, perfect for a high-end studio or rehearsal space. The only thing lacking is a locking mechanism to stop the seat top from swiveling.

The seat is detachable and the silver-chrome base is foldable, making it easy to store away. The comfy dual foam top might tempt you to not stand up and take a bow after a performance.

However, at 20lbs, it’s better to buy this stool only if you plan to carry it around for gigs.

The other outlier that may make you stand up is the price. More so if you pair it with the add-on backrest that costs an additional $50.

Other than that, it is can serve as a ‘buy once, cry once’ guitar stool that you might have to pry out of the hands of a drummer at every gig.

7. Taylor Guitars Barstool 24-inch

Taylor Guitars Barstool 24-inch

Add a classy piece of furniture to your playing area with the Taylor Barstool. This 24" barstool sports a padded swivel seat with a Taylor logo

Why We Love It:
  • Super comfortable
  • Gorgeous look
  • Lightweight
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03/29/2023 08:46 am GMT

This one is a tasteful barstool with a swivel top that scores high on design, stability, and comfort.

Though it’s a tad pricier than the competition, you can’t go wrong with a guitar stool designed by Taylor Guitars.

Plus, based on numerous customer reviews, it seems to perform better than other similarly priced name-brand barstools.

Key Features

  • 24” Barstool with swivel seat
  • Marbled brown seat cover w/ Taylor logo
  • Sturdy chromed metal base
  • Foot ring to rest feet
  • Assembly required, hardware included


The Taylor barstool stands 24-inches tall. It needs assembly, which is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Once assembled, it morphs into a suave guitar-playing stool with a tubular metal frame and a brown vinyl seat that has the Taylor logo emblazoned across the top.

The medium-firm seat top has adequate cushioning to not cause discomfort after long periods of use.

The vinyl is a gorgeous marbled brown with a matte finish that contrasts the chromed silver. The footrest is fixed but designed for maintaining good posture and playing comfort.

In use, the seat top swivels conveniently. The stool displays great stability and stays put when you prop both legs up.

It’s lightweight enough to move around the room, but since it doesn’t collapse and has some heft to it, it’s perhaps not the ideal choice when headed for a gig.

Overall, it’s a classy barstool for home or studio use. Check the measurements as you cannot adjust the stool in any way.

Luckily, Taylor knows a thing or two about ergonomics. That expertise is evident in this one-size stool that works for people of varying heights and statures.

Buyer Guide – How to Choose the Best Stool to Practice Guitar

Premium options notwithstanding, guitar chairs and stools cost between $50 to $150. We recommend choosing a guitar stool from a respectable brand.

The minor uptick in price is offset by the significant improvement in QA and build quality. In other words, get the best you can afford.

Here, we outline what to look for in the best stool for a home, studio, and/or music venue.


There are three options when it comes to the design of guitar-playing stools: a) utilitarian backless chairs, b) stools with a removable backrest and c) barstool-style guitar seats.

The barstools are sturdy and better looking, but less portable. They are ideal for studios or home use. However, we don’t recommend a barstool if you plan to take it to every rehearsal and gig.

A collapsible design is a better option for those use cases. It’s less appealing but more functional and folds flat when you need to store it away or transport it to a gig.

Some people prefer not to have the luxury of reclining backrest as it can lead to bad posture.

Either way, it boils down to personal preference, and our roundup contains all three options.


A poorly padded seat can be a pain in the back(side). For that reason, the best stools have well-padded cushions that you’ll need if you plan to survive a long performance or lengthy practice session.

Ideally, a padded seat shouldn’t be too thin as it can lead to a numb bum.  Nor should it be dense enough to sink in and slouch which, in turn, can create a bad playing posture.


Build quality and solid construction are always something to look out for, regardless of the product category.

The same goes for chairs and stools. Look for tubular steel frames as they tend to be the most durable.

Lastly, check the dimensions, weight capacity, return policy, and reviews to avoid buyer’s remorse.


While other features may be expendable, a footrest should be non-negotiable as it serves the purpose of improving both comfort and posture.

Most barstools feature ergonomic rung or foot rings, set at the ideal height. Rounded footrests are preferable as they are easy on the soles of the feet when you don’t have shoes on.

Fold-out or fixed guitar stands

The built-in guitar stand of a stool is passable for temporarily placing the guitar during breaks. In most products, you can’t use the built-in stand while sitting on the stool.

Moreover, they aren’t as reliable as floor stands or guitar wall mounts. Be careful while using them, as the slightest nudge can topple the guitar.

Guitar Stool FAQ – Related Questions

What is a guitar stool?

A guitar stool is a backless chair designed for guitar players that allow you to elevate your foot while playing. It can be used to practice at home, record in a studio, or perform in music venues.

Guitar stools, available in many variants, have four legs, a flat padded seat, and a footrest. Some stools feature a backrest and fold-out stand.

What is the best height for a guitar stool?

The best height for a guitar stool depends on the user’s height. Generally, people up to 70-inches tall find stools with 24-inch height to be the most comfortable.

Guitarists taller than six feet should opt for a 27 or 30-inch guitar stool. You can find options with height adjustment if you need a multi-use stool for a studio or rehearsal space.

Is a guitar stool better than a household chair?

Using a guitar stool is categorically better than sitting on a cushioned chair, couch, or other domestic items.

A stool has the right height, supportive features, and ergonomic design. The flat seat and footrest encourage good posture and alleviate tension on the back.

What is the weight limit for a guitar stool?

The weight limit for a guitar stool generally falls in the 200 to 300 lbs. range. The maximum weight limit of a guitar stool varies based on the make/model.

Some guitar stools have a weight limit of 400lbs, although 250lbs is the most common number you will encounter.